15 BEST Mobile Cloud Mining Apps


Bondex - is an innovative project that aims to transform the way the world works by resolving the prevalent problems in the blockchain industry. It is a next-generation Web 3.0 talent ecosystem that is partly owned by its community of users through tokenized rewards. Bondex aims to provide solutions to the industry’s problems by leveraging its professional network implementing tokenized incentives to optimize the recruitment process and fill the growing talent void. The project utilizes a decentralized P2P model, enabling a new revenue-sharing business model. This is done in three ways: by redistributing more profits amongst the global talent pool and hiring companies, by better-aligning incentives across all participants for long-term growth, and by redefining the economic model of a professional network.

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2.Pi Network

Pi Network aims to be the cryptocurrency that ultimately brings mining to the masses. While it might look as though this could use a lot of energy, the people behind the Pi Network argue that this is not the case, saying: “Pi secures its ledger when members vouch for each other as trustworthy. This forms a network of interlocking ‘security circles’ that determines who can execute transactions. This novel approach allows crypto mining on your phone by leveraging your existing social connections, with no financial cost, no battery drain and a light footprint on the planet.”

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3.Cloud Earning

Cloud Earning is designed to deliver simplified user experience and platform that enables all users, regardless of technical aptitude, to fully participate in the new cryptocurrency economy.

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Best Games for More FONE:

Crypto Treasures

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Crypto Cards

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With Honeygain, you can earn money or jmpt tokens by simply sharing the internet. Follow the invite link or click the download button and get $5 to your Honeygain balance.


GeoCash is a data collector app that allows any user around the world to share her/his private and anonymous data with GeoDB's Data Sharing Ecosystem while getting rewarded with GEO tokens on a daily basis. GeoCash allows users to gain rewards for the data they generate, and at the same time exchange GEO Tokens with the rest of the users. Users will also be able to check both their own stats and other people's stats, such as heat maps, locations, and distances travelled.

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Record your time on TimeStope. Collect your Time! Only way to save your time! Just Stope your time! With blockchain technology, your time will become money. Time is fair and valuable to everyone. You can't catch the passing time, but TimeStope makes it possible to hold your own time.

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Unicoin Network app provides mining feature for users who checks in dail and Users receive Unicoin Network reward for being the miner for the day. Unicoin Network app does not require user to app running but simply verify active miner of the day is not a robot. Mining is done at the backend in the cloud so does not consume local device resources. The rewarded Unicoin Token could be used to collect Unicoin Network artist’s artwork digital copy and join artwork chat room with other users.

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8.Eagle Mining Network

This app allows you to earn Eagle by making simple contributions to Eagle Network. The more you contribute, the more Eagle you earn. To start earning Eagle, check in every 24 hours and hit the mining button to start mining. Once you are mining, you can boost your hourly rate by inviting trusted friends and family to join the community and much more.

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9.Play Wallet (Sperax)

Sperax is a global technology firm building modern money with blockchain technology.

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10.Star Network

Star Network is an all-inclusive app for you to grow, hold and transfer your Star balance. In addition to decentralized finance, the app also features mobile game and social networking elements for you to earn, play and social with Star Network to become GameFi

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11.Bitcoin Legend

Bitcoin Legend (BCL) is cryptocurrency assets based on ERC-20. They will make NFT market platform(NFT cards, artworks). Also, They will launch a metaverse game with a Hero NFT card inspired by Marvel's Avengers.

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12.Bee Network

Bee Network is an interactive game and social networking platform. You can score your Bee balance and communicate with your friends.

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13.Alpha Network

Start mining Alpha with cloud rigs. It is easy to setup. Just jump in and start mining now, no setup required. Click the button and you are set. The view of alpha network is to provide each player a simple, secure and robust experience in mining alpha. The Alpha Coin has a limited supply of 500 million. The mining experience is playful and straightforward making it easy for everyone regardless of background or previous technical knowledge to be able to mine just by tapping a button on their phone. The best part of the concept is that it is entirely free.

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Coin-X (CNX) builds a payment system in which cryptocurrency is used as a payment method in the real economy, based on they developed blockchain technology. They are developing several platforms that they will link in the CNX-Network with Coin-X as payment system.

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Remint will eventually evolve into a real estate platform where users will be able to rent houses/apartments, buy houses/apartments and rent or sell properties using Remint as the main currency

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